3 Ways Trump is like Hitler

A short google search reveals that there are plenty of articles comparing Trump to Hitler. Plenty more authors proclaim that such comparison is silly, or worse—it downplays the horrors of the Holocaust. When I first encountered this comparison, I thought it was silly too. (The article I found compared Trump to Hitler and Hillary to Napoleon.) But then I started to see a few similarities . . .

1) Repair the Country

Trump’s slogan is “Make America Great Again,” whereas Hitler’s slogan was “Freedom and Bread.” The two are different, but there are some underlying similarities. When Hitler was campaigning in 1930, Germany was in a pretty bad state. After being defeated during WWI, the Treaty of Versailles blamed the war on Germany and required the already ravaged nation to pay for damages. Ten years later when Hitler came along, the people were so badly off (and still paying for the Great War, literally) that Hitler’s campaign advertised “bread” – simple food. He advertised himself as a leader who would pull the country up off its knees and make Germany strong and unified. He would make Germany great again.

America is in no way in such a bad state now as post-war Germany was then. Americans are not starving. But there are plenty of people who would like to see our trillions of dollars of debt to other countries go down.

2) Speak Clearly

Trump, especially when compared to Hillary, is widely regarded as someone who tends to speak his mind. He’s garnered lots of disapproval for his less-than-savory comments, mostly because people think that he should keep these thoughts to himself (better yet, don’t think them). He’s not hated for his deception, but instead for revealing his opinions.

Zeev Hod is a history teacher and a Holocaust survivor. He’s noticed that Trump’s style is somewhat reminiscent of Hitler’s.

One of the things people used to say about Hitler when he rose to power in the early 1930’s was that he was saying it like it is,” Hod said. “They thought he was a bit of a clown, with his big speeches and over-the-top showmanship, but they also admired his ability to say what everyone thought, but didn’t dare say out loud.” (source)

Trump hardly compares to Hitler when it comes to the energy and put-togetherness of his public addresses, but there’s some similarity in his habit of speaking his mind.

On another note, one commenter wrote that, “My mother was a young girl in Holland when Hitler was rising to power. The consensus outside of Germany was general befuddlement that such a nut could be so adored by so many. I think Trump’s crass vulgarity is not a bug but a feature.” -(source)

3) Racism/Exclusivity

Trump’s comments about deporting Muslims and undocumented workers have upset lots of voters. Trump may even have plans to fire workers appointed by his predecessor, Barack Obama. One author drew a comparison between this plan to purify the government and one of the first legislations Hitler passed: a law which made it impossible for enemies of the Nazi party to hold positions in office.

Overall, the comparisons between Trump and Hitler are scanty at best. However, we’ve noted some similarities.


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